Expert Marine Services in New England

Anyone can jump into a wet-suit, but not everyone can provide quality marine services safely, within budget and on time. Frogmen Divers & Marine Service employs only qualified divers with the best safety training and whose experience includes welding, utility inspection, and salvage. We work primarily with waterfront stakeholders, electric power plants, oil terminals, vessel owners, and marine adjusters.

Our Underwater Diving Services Include:


environmental cleanup

Environmental Diving

Our divers are certified for underwater hazard cleanup including spill response and material handling.

industrial wastewater repair

Industrial Wastewater Repair

We have the capabilities to provide repairs for wastewater treatment facilities, to ensure the continued integrity of their operation and the longevity of their components.

underwater inspection

Underwater Inspection Services

Our divers have a keen eye for flaws and imperfections when it comes to assessing the integrity of hulls, bridges, power plants and water towers. We’re also well versed in ships’ husbandry and can provide repairs for your vessel.

underwater inspection

Dam Repair Services

With the right technology and training, our divers have the ability to repair control gates, restore dams, secure bridges, and repair deep underwater concrete structures.

For commercial and industrial underwater diving services, call the trained, experienced team at Frogmen Divers & Marine Service. Schedule your appointment today by calling 508-420-0700.